Sustainable Schools, LLC, helps K-12 schools, colleges and universities build sustainability and environmental literacy into strategic planning, teaching and institutional practice. Through a network of experts, Sustainable Schools provides services that are customized to meet the needs of individual institutions.

What do we mean by “education for sustainability”?

The concept of sustainability addresses how humans can live on the planet over time in a manner that protects cultural and biological diversity, recognizes and appreciates ecological limits, offers just and accountable governments and economies for all, and draws on the human capacity for adaptive learning and innovation.

Sustainability offers a tremendous challenge for education. It invites educational institutions to rethink their missions and to restructure their courses, campus operations and community outreach. By preparing students – and the whole campus community – to be more adept decision makers in the increasingly complex and uncertain future that we all face, integrating sustainability into all of the major activities of educational institutions also presents a tremendous opportunity.