The following are a selection of guides, reports and publications covering various aspects of sustainability in education. Most are freely available online and several are offered here with permission from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).


CRED Guide – The Psychology of Climate Change Communication – This guide powerfully details many of the biases and barriers to scientific communication and information processing.

Education for Sustainable Development: An Expert Review of Processes and Learning (Report)
 – Looks at the areas where change is emerging and ESD is contributing to sustainable development. Provides a map to where ESD is taking place across the globe, and assesses the content and processes underpinning these initiatives. This expert review has been informed mainly by context-specific research studies and program evaluations. By Daniella Tilbury (University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom), UNESCO 2011.

Campus Operations:

Saving Green – Examples from schools that have saved money through green initiatives.

Renewable Energy – Pros and cons of renewable energy installations, using solar as primary example.

Sustainable Food – How to think about, build and run a sustainable dining program.


Primer on Sustainability in the Curriculum