Remote Energy Audit

This low-cost audit, conducted by phone and email, will provide:

  • Energy, water and waste analysis and report, including multi-building comparison data for evaluating building performance and planning for upgrades.
  • Portfolio Manager account for your school/college/university: we will upload your bill data, obtain Energy Star ratings and provide training in Portfolio Manager use. ¬†EPA Portfolio Manager is required reference for monitoring and benchmarking commercial and non-profit building energy and water use in major US cities (e.g. New York City, Washington DC, Minneapolis), and across Canada.
  • US Energy Information Administration data averages for buildings in your region, which will be used to provide separate fuel and electric power use benchmarking to better isolate performance issues.
  • Savings recommendations to highlight areas where consultation with suppliers or contractors is warranted.
  • Annual updates for year to year comparison of performance, Portfolio Manager uploads, benchmarking and recommendations for savings based on latest technology.